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Author:  joe [ Fri May 22, 2009 4:18 pm ]
Post subject:  BATWING TREES

There are three types of trees available for Springers.

or Smooth top.

The decapitator and smooth top trees have similar offsets (offset is the distance betweeem the stering neck and the tube)

The decapitator/smooth top are good for 38 degress to 50 dgrees of neck rake (beyond 50 degrees use decapitator or smnooth top trees with rake) whan you have less than 40 degrees of rake use the batwing trees.

The batwing trees have the fork tubes in line with the steering stem. Thus the trail can be adjusted correctly for the bike with less rake.

Batwing trees move the tubes closer to the gas tank so they are sometimes clearance issues at full steering lock with the batwing trees. Check this out before ordering.

Batwing trees are also availible raked so hthey can be used with more than 40 degrees necks if you like the look of the batwing tree (I personally love the Batwing trees, but they are not right for all applications)

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